9 Aug 14

Priorslee Lake: 9:40am – 11:00am

Below is the WeBS count for August. Unfortunately this was another low count

Weather: Bright but windy

Water:  Choppy

An initial sweep of the lake through binoculars indicated that there were few birds on the water. A walk round and a final slow sweep of the lake through the scope confirmed the initial view. Birds that were seen were as follows:

2      Mute Swan
44    Coot  including 9 chicks from 3 broods
3      Great Crested Grebes including 1 Juvenile
1      Moorhen
4      Mallard
1      Lesser Black-backed Gull
1      Black-headed Gull

(Tony Beckett)


Priorslee Flash: 11:10am - 11:40am

A quick sweep of the bank opposite the small car parking area revealed a largish turtle on a log basking in the sun, a first for me in this area. A Buzzard flew over as I started the count.

17      Coot
18(6)  Mallard including 2 chicks
77      Canada Geese including 1 juvenile
12(4)  Tufted Duck
9        Greylag Geese
2        Great Crested Grebe including 1 juvenile
2        Mute Swan
1        Grey Heron

(Tony Beckett)