Founders and Supporters

Richard Camp
Co-founder FoPL and Co-ordinator


Martin Adlam
Co-founder FoPL and FoPL Blogger
"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it" not my quote but from French philosopher Moliere (1622 - 72), but quite prevalent considering the circumstances.


Ed Wilson
Co-founder and Site Recorder


Mark Pritchard
Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Conservation and Wildlife
"The Lake is a precious and rare local wildlife asset and should be protected against the Borough Council's obsession with reaching government housing targets. (It) is one of the top bird sites in Shropshire. The development proposals, as they stand, could put local wildlife and ecology at risk."


Ann Dewhust
Telford Snr. Citizens I.T. Volunteer and Local Resident
"The wildlife on both Priorslee Lake and The Flash is such an important part of Telford, and ecology as a whole. Birdlife, wild flowers, foxes and small mammals are a never ending source of enjoyment, and the area affords an excellent area for walking, especially for the elderly needing exercise. Also, the lake is home to angling societies and sailing clubs. The trees and water give lungs to a busy motorway junction, and further building would not only choke up the roads, but the air we breathe. The sunrise and sunsets are magnificent across the lake, and how could we justify destroying all this beauty and this important wildlife habitat?"


John Franklyn
Moderator -
screen name - youngminds on the Telford and Wrekin Council Watch website
"I have visited your website on several occasions and would be interested in becoming a supporter. Also, Priorslee Lake has received some coverage on our website
I would also like to invite you to visit the website and I am sure you will find some like minded people."


Tony Beckett
Local Resident
"I am interested in preserving the natural habitat of all wildlife that live and visit Priorslee Lake and the surrounding area. Such areas should be allowed to remain without development for the future of our children and their children ad infinitum."


To Support Us

With so many of you expressing your support in saving the lake from redevelopment we have added a new page to the website.

If you would like to add your name (i.e. A N Other or in full), a photo, your position/location (i.e. MP/Local Resident) and a few words then why not email us and we will add it to this Supporters page.

Don't worry if you only want to add your name and location, your support in preserving the wildlife on and around the lake is what is important.

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